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Selecting the perfect photos for your Scotty's Cartoons Pet Scene

When you commission an artist to draw a portrait of your dog, the artist most likely will focus on one photograph to draw a portrait from.  Scotty’s Cartoons pet scenes, however, are a little different.

My pet scenes focus as much on your pet’s personality as on their appearance, so I will send you a specially designed pet personality form to help me get to know your pet. From your answers, I come up with a scene that best expresses your pet’s character.

 Therefore, the position of your pet in the scene will all depend on the best way of expressing their character.

Below are some FAQs to help you to select the best photos to send me so that I can do a fantastic pet scene for you, followed by an example commission and some of the photos that were sent to me.

Do you need me to send a photograph of my pet in the specific position that you decide to draw them in?

No thank you. I ask for a range of photos so that I can see your pet from all angles, so that I can get their markings and appearance accurate for whatever position they are drawn in.

What type of photos do you need to work from?

  • The more photos the merrier!

  • Blurry photos are almost impossible to work with, and may result in your pet being drawn inaccurately, so the main factor is for them to be in focus and as clear as possible please.

  • They don’t have to be professional photos, although they are obviously welcome too!

  • Ideally, the photos that you send me will include at least one each of the following:

·        A headshot of your dog, from the front

·        A full bodyshot of each side, showing your pet’s markings clearly.

Are there any extra photos that you will need?

As the scene will include activities and items that are relevant to your pet’s personality, the following are also really helpful please:

  • ·        A photograph of their favourite toy(s) and/or games

  • ·        A photograph of their favourite activity

  • ·        Anything that you would specifically like to be included in your pet scene. For example, if you would like your home décor in the scene, please specify this when you book, and include a range of photos to show this when you send the other photographs. Usually, once I have received the completed personality form(s) and photographs, I come up with the scene and begin working on it on your start date, returning when it’s complete. However, if you have a specific scene in mind that you would especially like me to draw, please do let me know at the start and that’s no problem to do it that way instead. 😊

Here is an example of a commission, and below it, some of the photos that were sent to me. The client requested a Halloween themed cartoon, and she had these fantastic fake skeletons in her garden so it was fun to incorporate them into the cartoon! (Many thanks to Michelle, and her beautiful dogs Penny & Sammy)

        If you would like further information please take a look at these links to some of my other blog posts: 😊


Alternatively, please click here to contact me for a no-obligation chat:





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