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Scotty's Rainbow Bridge Keepsakes

There’s no time more devastating for a pet owner than when it’s time to say Goodbye.

I always thought that I knew how it would feel, but when my Jasper went over the Rainbow Bridge, the loss was so much more than I could have anticipated.

That’s why I throw all of my usual routines and rules of my cartooning process out of the window when it comes to my Rainbow Bridge cartoons.

I often start by sending you a sensitively worded questionnaire about your pet’s personality, but if there are any questions that feel too raw to answer, that’s no problem at all, you can just skip to the next one. If you would prefer to ditch the form completely and just chat to me about your best fur pal instead, that works for me too. I’m happy to do the process of you giving me the information, in whatever way you feel the most comfortable with.

When Jasper passed away, my biggest fear was gradually forgetting little parts of his personality, and I wanted to soak up every tiny detail forever.

With my rainbow bridge cartoons, I endeavor to capture as many of those character details in your cartoon as possible. Like all of my dog illustration services that I offer, I focus as much on their personality as on their appearance.

My primary aim is for you to have an everlasting keepsake that captures their very essence, as a permanent reminder of those special little traits.

There are various packages to choose from, so you can opt for just the cartoon, or you can have it sublimated onto various keepsakes.

The package options for my Rainbow Bridge Scenes are:

Pack 1: The Faithful Friend: This is a high resolution jpeg of your finished cartoon, sent to you by email. You can use this to make your own print or have it made onto a mug or whatever else you choose. Anything, so long as it’s for personal use and not for profit.

Pack 2: The Sweet Dreams Pack: This is the high resolution jpeg by email, and also a high quality print sent to your address by post.

Pack 3: The Heaven Scent Pack: The high resolution jpeg by email, plus a high quality print and an angel wings keepsake trinket, sent to your address by post.

Pack 4: The Pawradise Pack: The high resolution jpeg by email, plus a high quality print, an angel wings keepsake trinket, a small crystal block, and a glass display frame, all sent to your address by post.

If you think you would like a rainbow bridge cartoon, please contact me to either book, or to have a chat. If you aren’t sure, I am always happy to chat with no obligation to you to book. You can contact me here:


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