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15 Ways To Display Your Logo

I keep saying that your logo is the most important part of your business, because it's the first impression that potential customers have of your services. However, I'm going to amend that a little and say it's the SECOND most important part. Years ago I set up a business making jewellery, and got so carried away with the fluffy presentation of it that I had made my logo and had business cards made before seeing if the jewellery idea was a good one for me. It wasn't! So number 1 most important thing is your business itself. Number 2 is your logo!

After ensuring that you have a cracking logo designed, that you feel represents your business and gives your potential customers/clients a perfect first impression, the next step is to decide how you're going to display it. Below are 15 ideas for how to display your business logo.

1) Indoor Presentation Display*

Scotty's Cartoons offer various indoor display options that you can purchase as part of a logo design package. The logo is sublimated onto the product, which means the result is a permanent effect by using heat to turn the ink from liquid into gas and is fused with the product itself. Some of the options include Chromaluxe (high quality metal with a professional gloss effect), Glass (a 10x8 inch display of glass with chrome "feet"), and Crystal Block (a small solid block of glass with your logo displayed through it from behind).

2) Keyring*

Keyrings with your logo on it are perfect to keep showing off your logo even when you just nip to the shop!

3) Fridge magnet*

A handy display to pop on a metal filing cabinet or to give out to customers for special promotions.

4) Treat Tin*

Ideal for handing out dog treats on ‘Bring Your Dog To Work’ day! Treat tins with your logo on it are great for businesses that have dogs visiting your premises. It gives an instant friendly and professional impact, whilst visually reminding your client where they experienced that moment of positivity.

5) Digital Display

When you display your logo prominently on your website, your social media, email signatures, and online adverts, it maintains consistent branding and makes you instantly recognizable.

6) Business card

The most important part of your business card is your logo! Branding is so important, and ensures that any potential or repeat clients recognize your business in an instant.

7) Car sticker

What better way to advertise your business than to put your logo on a car sticker, along with your website and/or phone number?! It could get you some business just from being stuck in traffic! Van signs are also excellent for this too.

8) Packaging & Labels

Make sure that your customers remember where they got their fab product from, even after they return home from a hectic day shopping! They will see the logo each time they use the product, which will help them to find you when they need to shop again.

9) Flyers & Brochures

When showing your services or products off in a brochure or on a flyer, displaying your logo prominently ensures that people remember who you are, and maintains brand consistency.

10) Stall or shop banner

Event stalls are a great way to sell products and for new clients to book your services. It’s also a great opportunity to display your logo proudly. When someone enters the event they see a row of similar looking stalls. If you have an amazing logo prominently displayed, they’re more likely to head to you rather than any of the others!

11) Uniform

If you’re a dog massage therapist, trainer, physiotherapist, or any other job that requires a uniform, don’t forget to brand it! Logos can be printed, sublimated or embroidered onto a uniform for a lasting finish.

12) Bags

If you're looking for a free gift to give to clients, a bag with your logo on it is an excellent choice. Useful for them, with a bonus for you that everytime they’re out and about using their bag, your business is also being advertised!

13) Boats and surf boards!

Yes really! If you have a business involving boats or surfboards, or even if it’s your hobby, it’s an extra chance to get your logo displayed loudly and proudly. I’ve had commissions for a leisure boat, a barge, and multiple surfboards.

14) Presentations

Displaying your logo on each page of presentations for meetings and corporate events ensures that with each turn of the page, your branding is becoming more familiar and trusted to them.

15) Tattoo!

If you’re feeling brave, there’s no bolder way to show your passion for your business! (The photo is from my tattoo design service rather than my logo design service, as no one has been brave enough to tattoo their logo... yet!)

These * Products are available at Scotty's Cartoons!


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