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A Pet Business Photo Shoot with Fur and Fables

For a long time now, I had been meaning to book a session with a photographer to get some professional photos for Scotty’s Cartoons. I’m not the keenest to be in front of a camera, and in addition, having a nervous dog is a drawback when you’d like to get some “relaxed” shots of the two of you together.  I met Kerry Jordan, of Fur and Fables commercial pet photography, online a little over a year ago now. The photographs that she showed on social media really were impressive, and it piqued my interest. Over the months, I kept visiting her website and then putting it off again.

"Before the booking date, Kerry arranged a Zoom call..."

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but this year I decided that I would face some things that I’ve been avoiding within Scotty’s Cartoons, so I made the first step in January when Kerry inadvertently posted the perfect post that I needed to give me that nudge. It was something that indicated that the shoot would be relaxed, and was just the reassurance that I needed, so I bit the bullet and booked a mini session.

Before the booking date, Kerry arranged a Zoom call with me so that she could talk through my requirements and ensure that she gets the shots that I needed. It was really helpful and put to rest any remaining concerns that I had.

"...Sadie was clearly happy, and gleefully followed Kerry like her number 1 fan!..."

 When Kerry arrived, we put Sadie into another room while we got Kerry settled in the living room, and then let Sadie through to meet her. After a couple of woofs, Sadie tentatively trotted forward, intrigued that Kerry wasn’t looking at her. Kerry really did the absolute perfect thing for Sadie, and initially avoided any eye contact. She simply sat with her hands out to the sides, allowing Sadie to approach her at her pace without feeling trapped.

As Sadie’s Mum, I really believe that such skills with nervous dogs are both essential when you’re working with dogs, and are also hugely underrated. My nerves dissipated as Sadie was clearly happy, and she gleefully followed Kerry around thereafter like Kerry’s new number 1 fan! Even then, Kerry was still thoughtful to let Sadie approach her each time rather than the other way around, so that she didn’t lose Sadie’s trust.

" ...I surprised myself by actually enjoying it!..."

Kerry put me at ease quickly too, giving words of encouragement along the way and she was hugely adaptable to disability requirements too.

Although I was slightly embarrassed when Sadie at one point decided to do garden zoomies followed by humping the blanket (her season was on the way, OK?!) Kerry thankfully found it funny and Sadie got back to posing quickly afterwards (with the assistance of a lead, just in case!) It was a really relaxed session and I surprised myself by actually enjoying it!

Take personal insecurities out of the subject and the photographs have come out wonderfully. The scene that she chose under the apple tree in our garden was perfect, and she was constantly aware of everything in the frame, occasionally moving items out of the way that I didn’t even previously notice, but which would have spoiled the scene had she not spotted them.

" ...Kerry may actually be a dog whisperer,...and a human whisperer too!..."

 I’m really glad that I booked Kerry, and if you have a pet business that you need professional photos for, I highly recommend Fur and Fables. She does different packages including product packages. I just booked the smallest package: a half an hour session, but if ever I’m needing more, I wont hesitate to book Kerry again. I believe Kerry may be a dog whisperer as not many people can put Sadie at ease so quickly, and she may also be a human whisperer as I felt chilled throughout too!

You can find Kerry at her website:

Fur and Fables website:

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