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A Chat With Colleen Kersey, Animal Communicator. Pt 2

Image and copyright: Colleen Kersey

Scotty: Is there a difference in the way that you communicate with animals when they are living, to the way that you communicate with those that have passed over? If so, can you describe that difference please?

Colleen: There’s no difference in the WAY I communicate, I still use a photo and I still do the same prep work and have a list of questions.

However, I personally have more of an attitude of respect when I’m dealing with an animal that has passed, and I feel a different type of energy. It always feels light.

Of course the questions are different too. Instead of asking about the animals current situation, people ask questions like:

  • How the animal is feeling now?

  • How it felt for them during transition?

  • If they knew it was time?

  • What lessons they learnt (or taught) during their physical time on earth?

  • If they will visit again?

  • What signs will they show if they do visit again?, etc.

Almost every time there an exchange of messages from the people to the animal, and from the animals to the people. This is what often gives people comfort and closure after the loss.

Scotty: That's beautiful Colleen.

Through your communications, have you learnt any fundamental differences between cats/dogs/other animals that you weren't previously aware of?

Colleen: Not yet. I always thought that different animals would have different feels to them and I remember being so excited to talk to my first horse, but really, the messages came through exactly the same way as the dogs and cats I'd already spoken to.

"I have spoken to a very stern horse who insisted I take down everything he had to say and my typing could hardly keep up with him"

However, the PERSONALITIES and CHARACTERS are all different. I can generally tell someone what their animal is like just from the photo and this comes across in the way they answer the questions.

I have spoken to a very 'business-like' cat, I have spoken to an 'old-soul' dog, and I have spoken to a very stern horse who insisted I take down everything he had to say and my typing could hardly keep up with him. It's always enjoyable getting to know each personality.

Scotty: I love the thought of a horse bossing you about! Maybe that's where the term "Nag" came from! Ahem, sorry...

Have you ever contacted an animal, and discovered that they have been desperately trying and failing to communicate with their human?

Colleen: Wow, that's a really interesting question.

"We understand more than we give ourselves credit for."

What happens often is that the animal has found ways to get their message across most of the time, but the people are more doubtful saying things like,

"I'm probably making this up but I'm sure he's trying to tell me X/Y/Z."


"I always seem to know what he's thinking but that's probably because we've been together so long."

We understand more than we give ourselves credit for. Quite often, you have situations where the person is simply sitting, perhaps reading a book, and all of a sudden, they think,

"Ooh, I want to give my dog a treat because I love them so much."

They put their book down and discover the dog directly in front of them, looking at them. Coincidence? No. THAT's your animal talking to you!

I often get a feeling of 'relief' from the animals, being given a chance to talk and finally get all their feelings off their chest, or communicate a deep love, (or fear) is a huge thing.

"We all know the power there is in talking and sharing, and animals feel the same."

Finally a chance to say

"PLEASE will you stop trying to stroke me on my head, I hate that!"


"I'm so pleased to be finally able to explain the love I have for you and my life with you before I leave you..."

are extremely comforting to an animal and totally affected their lives moving forward after this statement.

I have even experienced behaviour issues changing as a result of a communication session (although this doesn't ALWAYS happen and I'm always happy to refer to a behaviourist in most cases). We all know the power there is in talking and sharing, and animals feel the same.

Scotty: The big question that I’m sure everyone would love to know the answer to, is does Rainbow Bridge exist? I have drawn so many varying rainbow bridge scenes, some with clouds, some with lush grass,.. can you tell us what ‘the other side’ is like, and does the bridge exist or is it purely metaphorical?

Colleen: I wondered if this question would come up.

"...every animal that I've spoken to where this question has come up, has had a different answer... But one thing IS common though..."

Quite often when I talk to animals that have passed, the guardians would ask,

"What is your environment like / what can you see around you?"

The desire to know whether the Rainbow Bridge is strong as it obviously brings us comfort to know that our beloved fur companions somehow are still going strong.

So here's what I've discovered - every animal that I've spoken to where this question has come up, has had a different answer.

I've never once had the description of an ACTUAL rainbow bridge, but, for example,

a cat I spoke to recently was sunning itself under a huge apple tree; another cat was in long grass on a hillside with lush greenery around it and a little stream in a valley; some have been in areas where their surroundings were hazy - not spookily so, just kind of misty; others have been chilling out and not in the least bit interested in what was around them, only that they were feeling relaxed.

The one thing that IS common though, it a 'light' feeling, and often animals, that were perhaps ill in their lifetimes, tell me that "everything works again".

"There is always love, always acceptance, and always forgiveness."

No matter what question is asked and no matter how traumatic their passing was, all animals are calm, contemplative, and more than happy to share what they learnt in their lifetime, and even what they taught in their lifetime. There is always love, always acceptance, and always forgiveness.

Sometimes, they are even accompanied by people - I have come across animals that have people as their 'caretakers' in the spiritual realm, just looking out for them.

Sometimes the animals tell me that their jobs are 'still not done' and then I know that means they might be coming back - perhaps as the same species, perhaps not.

"...Trusting my gut, I asked her, is there something there with you, that's small, brown and furry?..."

I remember talking to one animal in spirit, it was a lady's cat (or so I thought). It happily answered the questions she had asked of it. But it kept telling me 'small, brown, furry'. I was confused, I kept thinking of a bird and couldn't understand why it kept bringing this up. I couldn't see WHAT it was describing, but I could see that it was small.

Then when I described the environment that this animal had around it, the lady curiously said,

"Wow, that sounds exactly like my back yard."

and considering she lived out of the city, it wasn't exactly a 'generalised' description.

Trusting my gut, I asked her,

"Is there something there with you, that's small, brown and furry?"

"Why, yes!" she answered, "curiously a chipmunk has started visiting me. It comes out of my back yard, right up onto the table and sits next to my laptop, just like my cat used to!"

Talk about a mind-blowing moment - the cat had clearly reincarnated as a chipmunk and was spending more time with his human. So the environment that I'd described there, wasn't the Rainbow Bridge, but in fact her back yard!

"That's enough to warm the heart..."

I believe that in the spiritual realm, all animals and all people are connected, so if you believe your animals are waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge, you're right. Not exactly about a multicoloured bridge, but certainly a certain 'place' exists.

And that's enough to warm the heart ...

Scotty: That was beautiful Colleen. I imagine my Jasper in such a place and it's such a lovely thought. Thank you so much for that, it HAS warmed my heart…

Thank you so much for your time, Colleen, and for sharing your wonderful experiences with us. Finally, can you please tell me where it's best to find you on social media?

Colleen: Oh you're VERY welcome, Helen, it's been really fun and interesting.

Here are Colleen's links...

(My Youtube is a mixture of Tarot Teaching and Animal Communication videos so look out for the 'Animal Communication' playlist)

Image and copyright: Colleen Kersey, Authentic Pathways


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