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Thank YOU!

... Yes, You!

It's almost the end of another year and I feel full to the brim with appreciation for you lovely lot. From reading and engaging with my social media posts, subscribing to my newsletter, and to welcoming new clients and return clients too. If it wasn't for you, Scotty's Cartoons wouldn't exist, and I appreciate you more than words can say (and no, I haven't been knocking back the eggnog to reach this level of enthusiasm!)

Looking to 2024, here's a reminder of what Scotty's Cartoons values are, and this is a renewal of my commitment to them...

  1. INTEGRITY: I will always endeavour to carry out every enquiry with full transparency, and to undertake every commission with passion and commitment. I know how precious your dogs are to you, because mine are to me too.

  2. CLIENT FOCUS: I will advise and discuss what I think will work best, but the final decision is always each client's.

  3. AUTHENTICITY: Focusing on the authentic characters of each dog to bring you the best possible cartoon of your best pal!

  4. PERFECTIONISM: I blame my Dad. 'Nuff said!

  5. FUN AND CREATIVITY: This is a cartooning business, after all! Because of the amazing bond that we have with our dogs, I love exploring the cross over between dog and human, through anthropomorphism. I love my job, and I love it most when you love what I create for you.


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