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Having worked with numerous dog businesses, I understand the importance of that initial impression that your potential customers and clients will have, of your business. 

Whether it's a new logo for a new business or a revamp of an existing one, or whether you have an important event coming up that you need images for, or whether you have an important message that you would like to portray to your followers and connections, you have come to the right place at Scotty's Cartoons!

All prices mentioned are in UK sterling with postage to the UK, but I take commissions worldwide so if you need prices in another currency, please contact me


Let me help you create that perfect first impression, that represents your business and your values in an impactful way.

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If you have information or data that needs to be projected to an audience in a memorable way, an infographic is the perfect option for you.


Have a message that you'd like to get out to your followers and connections? An impactful, two-frame cartoon is the perfect option!


If you're running a festival or other event, a fun and impactful map can be so helpful to visitors!


A character to attach to a product or service is the perfect way for your customers to feel connected and drawn to it.


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