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Scotty's Cartoons Head Shots

What is a headshot cartoon illustration?

Carefully sharing my focus between the appearance of your pet, and their personality, the result is the perfect essence of your fur pal.

Each headshot is a head and shoulders cartoon illustration of your pet, with their expression capturing their personality. If they have a favourite toy or game, this can be incorporated too for no extra charge.

Each pet is drawn within a circle, with a black background.

So Why opt for a headshot?

If you’re seeking a less expensive option whilst still would like something special, then Scotty’s Cartoons headshots are the perfect solution!

Or, it may be that you just love your pet’s gorgeous face so much, that you would like all of the focus to be there!

What’s the process of a Scotty’s Cartoons headshot cartoon illustration?

1)      The first step is to contact me to arrange your booking!

2)      When you’re ready to book in, I send over an invoice for the deposit (half of the over all cost, with the remainder to be paid upon completion), and once that's paid, your booking is secure.

3)      I ask you to tell me a bit about your pet's personality, so that I can capture their character in your cartoon.

4)      I ask for a few clear photos of your pet’s face and head. If they have a special toy or something that they love, send me a photo of that too, and I will incorporate it into the cartoon.

5)      Once your booking date arrives, I will drop you a line to confirm that I have begun your cartoon. I will email along the way to let you know how it's progressing and when to expect the finished work.

6)      Once it's complete, I send you the image by email, and once the balance is paid I then sort any prints and sublimate any items, depending on the package purchased, and send them to you by post.


What are the sublimated items mentioned above?

There are three packages to choose from when you book a headshot cartoon:

1)      The Digital Pack. This is a high resolution jpeg sent by email, perfect to print yourself or to just use online.

2)      The Print Pack. This is the high resolution jpeg sent by email, and also a high quality A5 print sent to you by post.

3)      The Pawty Pack. This is the bumper pack, that includes sublimated items as well as the jpeg and print. The products included in the Pawty Pack are:

·         A slate

·        A round treat tin

·        A round MDF jigsaw

·        A fridge magnet

What actually are 'sublimated' items?

Sublimation is when a substance, in this case the ink, passes directly from a solid state to a gas state, without passing through a liquid state. With other printing processes, the ink “sits” on top of the item, but with sublimation the ink becomes a part of the item itself.


The products are sublimated here at Scotty’s Cartoons, so that we can ensure top quality every step of the way. To see behind the scenes of how our products are sublimated, click HERE

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to CONTACT ME






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