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The Face- And The Heart- Of Scotty's Cartoons

There could be no other place to start this blog, than with Jasper. Jasper was 3 years old when I started cartooning in earnest in 2009, and he was 5 when I launched Scotty's Cartoons as a business.

Jasper's presence very quickly made me realise that I wanted to specialise in cartooning dogs, and I became 'The Dog Cartoonist'.

When he wasn't snuggled up to me while I worked, he would be intently watching from the sofa nearby.

He was a constant source of inspiration and ideas and whenever my brain hit a block, just looking at him would often start the ideas flowing again.

He wasn't short of personality: Cute bum wiggles when he was happy whilst carrying a teddy in his mouth; Adorable grumps when he was less than impressed about something.Our clumsy, loyal, cuddle monster was full of character.

Occasionally, I would cartoon some of the mischief that he got up to... (the final picture was my blood, not his, don't worry!)

3 years ago, Jasper went over Rainbow Bridge on March 10th 2020, shortly before his 14th birthday.

Although he is very sorely missed and loved by us every day, he is, and always will be, the face- and the heart- of Scotty's Cartoons.

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