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NEW: Scotty's Gift Vouchers

I’m all booked up with Christmas commissions, but if you’d like to gift a loved one with a unique and special character scene of their pet, you can now purchase Scotty’s Cartoons Gift Vouchers! Woohoo!

Can I wrap my voucher to give as a gift for Christmas?

They are e-vouchers for you to print, but if you’d like me to print and send them to you, I can do that at no extra cost to you. You can put it inside an envelope or even a gift box as a special way of giving your cartoon gift.

If you'd like me to print your voucher and put it inside a festive Scotty's Cartoons greetings card, that can also be arranged at just a small additional cost.

What denominations do the vouchers come in?

You can purchase them as money off a pet scene. I have made them as £10 off, £20 off, and £50 off, but if you would like any other denomination just let me know.

I also have vouchers for a headshot (value £65), a full pet scene (value £99), a full pet scene for two pets (value £124) and a full pet scene for three pets (value £149)

If you would like a voucher for a package which includes products as well as the cartoon itself, please just let me know and that can be arranged easily.

Can I have my voucher personalised?

Absolutely! If you’re buying a voucher for a headshot or pet scene, I can personalise your voucher with the pet’s name and any other details you require.

In addition, I’m happy to add a bit of festivity to the voucher if you are gifting it as a Christmas present.

How do I purchase a voucher?

Vouchers will soon be available to purchase through the "Shop" tab, but in the meantime you can just email me at Let me know what voucher you would like, and I will send you an invoice to pay by paypal or bank transfer. Once I’ve received payment, I will email or post your voucher to you.

How does the voucher recipient use their voucher?

Details for the recipient will be on the voucher, but all they need to do is email me, let me know their voucher code, and I will arrange a booking date that is convenient with us both, to begin their special gifted cartoon!

What if I have another question that’s not covered here?

Just drop me a line and I will be happy to help! 


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