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Jess Barton's Forest Canine

Jessica Barton is the founder of Forest Canine. She is a highly skilled canine massage therapist who has a deep love and passion for helping dogs to lead a more comfortable, active and happier life. (Here she is with her gorgeous puppy Xena!)

Image copyright Jess Barton, Forest Canine

Although Jess was happy in her business, she was unsettled and dissatisfied with her logo:

“I felt very disconnected with my old logo. My business is called Forest Canine, so I went very literal and had a logo designed with an outline of trees and dogs. There was no personality, no connection.

I wanted my brand to tell a story and have personal meaning. I also wanted people to connect with the brand and inject a sense of fun.”

Jess decided to commission Scotty’s Cartoons to design her a new logo.

“I had seen her work on social media and knew of a few businesses who had used Helen. I loved the style of her drawings, colour, and the fun element.”

She already knew what elements she wanted to be in the logo, but didn’t have a specific idea of how she wanted those elements to be displayed. First and foremost, it had to include her gorgeous dog Woody, who was the reason that she started Forest Canine in the first place. His favourite place was the Woods, so that needed to be incorporated into the logo too.

Image copyright: Jess Barton, Forest Canine

After discussing Jess’ requirements with her, and asking her to fill in a form that gave me a clear idea of her business and it’s values, I sketched a selection of mockups for her. These are small sample of them:

Images copyright: Scotty's Cartoons

From these, we discussed at length what Jess did and didn’t like about each one, and we narrowed it down to a design that really spoke to her. I amended the design to get it perfectly how she required it, and drew it up into finished linework:

Image copyright: Jess Barton, Forest Canine

We discussed colour, font choices, and tweaked and adapted the design before I redrew it into black linework with colour, shading and highlights to make it ‘POP!’

Of the process, Jess said “Helen was very thorough through each stage of the design process. She gave lots of different options and was quick to make adjustments. It was very easy to communicate back and forth over email and she kept me updated through each stage of the design process.”

This is the final logo design for Forest Canine:

Image copyright: Jess Barton, Forest Canine

Jess loves her new logo. “I feel proud to put on my work clothes every day and step outside the door. My logo makes me smile and feel more confident. I’ve used it everywhere: work clothing, website, social media, flags, banners, business cards, etc.

Everyone’s first response is usually “awwww!” It’s very eye catching and stands out. The feedback to it has been amazing.

For anyone thinking of working with Helen, I would say ‘Do it!’ She’s an amazing artist and will bring your vision to life. “

You can visit Forest Canine here: Home | Forest Canine Massage

On social media, you can find Jess on Facebook and Instagram

Jess also runs a wonderful FREE Facebook group where she discusses canine wellness and injury prevention, and welcomes dog owners asking questions about how to best care for their dog. It's a lovely supportive community of likeminded dog owners. You can find the group here: Forest Canine Wellness: prevent injury, reduce pain & promote longevity | Facebook


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