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Booking a Head Shot Commission

1)  When you first get in touch, I appreciate you may still be thinking about whether or not to book a cartoon, so please know that I am always happy to have a chat with no obligation to you to proceed. I love chatting to other pet lovers so it’s never a hardship of the job!

2)  If you have decided to proceed, I will ask which package you would like to purchase, and will send you an invoice to secure the agreed date for your booking. This is a deposit for 50% of the total cost, with the remainder due once you have received your cartoon.

3) Now the necessities are out of the way, we’re onto the fun bit: Delving into the quirks and behaviours of your pet that makes them who they are! Even with a headshot, it’s important for me to know a bit about your pet’s personality so that I can bring that to the expression on your pet’s face, and help capture their character as well as they’re appearance. Scotty’s Cartoons are more than just a portrait; They’re the very essence of your pet, so this part is as vital to me as the photos. Which brings me on to the next stage…

4) As I work from multiple photos, I ask for several clear shots of your pet including the following:

  • A head shot, face on

  • A head shot, in profile view from the side

  • A full body shot which shows your pet’s character

5)  Once your start date arrives I will drop you a line to let you know that I have begun your cartoon. I will pay equal attention to your pet’s appearance and personality throughout the process.

6) When your cartoon is finished, I will send you your shiny new cartoon by email. When you’ve let me know that you’re happy, I will send the invoice to you for the final payment.

7) If you have opted for a package with a print and/or other items, I will then sublimate them for you and get them posted to you ASAP. I will keep you updated on the progress of making and sending your items, so that you will know when to expect them.  Then your package will arrive with your keepsake items showing off your new cartoon commission to it’s full potential as the perfect essence of your fur pal!

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